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Gold: Moving On Up . . . Again

The snap-back in the U.S. dollar gold price this past week to $1,100 an ounce may mark the beginning of a new upward phase in the metal's long-term bull market. Neither the announcement of prospective IMF gold sales nor the U.S. Federal Reserve's quarter-point rise in its discount rate had more than a fleeting affect on precious metals markets . . . and neither will derail gold's ascent to new record highs later this year. Gold's own positive fundamentals, the high level of investor interest in key geographic markets, and global monetary economic developments promise to push the yellow ...

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Gold: Long-Term Fundamentals Remain Promising

Regardless of the near-term prospects for gold, the long-term fundamentals promise substantial appreciation later this year and beyond. We remain firm in our conviction that gold prices will touch or surpass $1,500 in 2010 - and continue to move higher in subsequent years. Opportunity Knocks Gold at recent price levels offer investors and savers without a "core" position in the physical metal an opportunity to buy insurance against the very real possibility of future stock and bond market declines, accelerating inflation and a shrinking dollar, and turmoil in U.S. and world financial ...

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