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Gold on the Rollercoaster — Volatility to Continue

To be honest, no one really knows if the rescue package just approved by Congress will restore order to world financial markets – but whatever the impact, I feel confident about the future of gold. For now – and the near future – gold is caught up in a mass liquidation of virtually all assets. Expect “high-stakes” volatility in gold to continue as world financial markets size up the U.S. rescue package . . . and realize that America’s politicians have thrown them a lifeline tied to a leaky boat. Retail gold investors – real people like you and me – have a different view of the world ...

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Gold — After the Fall

Despite this morning’s sharp sell-off in precious metals, the key factors favoring gold, silver, and the platinum-group metals remain in place. Gold, in particular, has been acting much like a currency, reacting negatively to strength in the U.S. dollar in recent weeks, just as the depreciating greenback early this year was mirrored in gold’s swift run-up into four-digit territory.  And, the short-term outlook – for the days and weeks ahead – still depends very much on the fate of the U.S. dollar. Both big moves – first up to US$1034 and then back down to the $850 vicinity –reflect, in ...

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