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Dog Days of Summer: Cooling Off for Gold Unlikely

The days and weeks ahead could be tumultuous for gold with the yellow metal's price primed to move one way or the other depending on news from European finance ministers, the European Central Bank, the Greek Parliament and, last but not least, the Fed's FOMC policy-setting committee and Chairman Bernanke's news conference later this week. Technically, gold remains range bound with good support, as we saw last week, between $1515-$1522 and overhead resistance in the $1545-$1555 range.  A break out in either direction, perhaps triggered by news of a more fundamental nature, could signal a ...

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Up, Up, and Away: The Bullish Case for Gold

Keynote Speech by Jeffrey Nichols The New York Hard Assets Conference The recent correction in precious metals prices and mining shares has led some investors, analysts, and financial journalists to conclude we’ve already seen the ultimate bull-market peaks in gold and silver. I’m here today to tell you otherwise – but please don’t mistake me for a gold bug.Although, I believe quite strongly that its price will go much higher in the next few years, I don’t think there’s anything magical about the yellow metal. The future price of gold is a function of past and prospective world economic, ...

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Gold: Still Far to Go

As unrest and regime change threatens a swath of countries across North Africa and the Middle East, gold is reverting to its historic role as the preeminent safe haven - but it's price is just beginning to reflect the rise in political and economic uncertainty in the region and around the world. Frankly, given the political prospects for a number of strategic countries across the region, the possibility of long-term uncertainties, and the threat to oil supplies, I'm surprised gold has not performed better, especially in light of its own bullish market fundamentals. Inflation Pressures: ...

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