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Gold's retreat in recent days from its brief flirtation last week over $1000 an ounce was no surprise.  We warned in recent posts that the surge in secondary supply, particularly from Asian and Mideastern markets, and the worldwide collapse of fabrication demand left the price vulnerable -- and an easing of investor interest could bring a sizable correction in the yellow metal's price. Moreover, when everyone seems to be jumping on the gold train, nary a bear is to be seen, bulls are uniformly revising upward their price forecasts, and the financial press suddenly gets all hot and bothered, ...

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A Brief Note on Gold ETFs

Bullion held in depositories on behalf of gold exchange-traded funds investors is at record levels . . .  and, in recent days, has been growing by leaps and bounds.  Worldwide total gold ETF holdings now exceed 1365 tons (42.6 million ounces). To put this number in perspective, ETFs now hold more gold than the Swiss central bank. Strikingly, gold held by ETFs now account for more than 40 percent of identifiable gold investment worldwide. ...

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