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Rosland Capital Review by Jeffrey Nichols – Trust is Necessary

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You may have noticed elsewhere on this website, mention of Rosland Capital. Rosland is a retail dealer in gold and silver coins and investment bars . . . and they’ve been a client of mine for over five years.

Officially, I’m “Senior Economic Advisor” to Rosland Capital. But my relationship with Rosland goes deeper than that. CEO and founder of Rosland, Marin Aleksov, has become a trusted friend and colleague.

I’ve been in the gold business as an advisor, consultant, economist, and market researcher for over 40 years. My clients have included some of the biggest names in the gold world – including central banks, national mints, bullion banks, mining companies, mutual funds and other institutional investors, jewelry manufacturers, and even the World Gold Council.

I’ve also counted a number of precious metals retailers – companies like Rosland Capital that deal with the investing public – as friends and clients.

One thing I’ve learned, above everything else, is that the gold business – from the largest bullion dealer to the “mom and pop” coin shop is built on trust, integrity, and personal relationships.

Companies that don’t value these business principles come and go. Meanwhile, companies – like Rosland Capital – do well by doing good, by putting their client needs first.

When Marin Aleksov invited me to advise Rosland, I checked with the Business Consumer Alliance and the Better Business Bureau – and, importantly, with a number of well-established competitors in the retail gold business. I sensed from the start that Rosland shared my values. Rosland Capital is also heavily involved in the community, supporting organizations like the Red Cross, New Directions and Fisher House.

Were it any other way, I wouldn’t have joined the Rosland team as their economist and advisor.