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Marin Aleksov

Marin Aleksov

Marin Aleksov is the founder and CEO of Rosland Capital.

Marin was born in Stockholm, Sweden and came to the United States as part of a study abroad program. He quickly became active in the precious metals business and founded Rosland in 2008. Jeffrey Nichols serves as Rosland’s Senior Economic Advisor.

Rosland Capital has quickly become one of the premiere precious metal asset firms in the United States. Rosland is located in Santa Monica, California and continues to grow, employing more than 70 people.

Marin oversees the development of online and offline campaigns while leading all aspects of sales. His focus is to educate clients on their options and ensure their satisfaction. This focus is reflected in all aspects of the company.

Marin Aleksov was featured in CBS News' report “Going for the Gold” which also included quotes from Jeffrey Nichols. Aleksov told the Los Angeles Business Journal, “As long as inflation is on the horizon, there’s going to be big demand for gold. They’re not doing it to make a million bucks; they’re just doing it to fall back on in case we have another collapse.” Marin Aleksov has also been quoted in the LA Times and has appeared as a guest on the G. Gordon Liddy show.

In 2014, Marin led Rosland’s expansion overseas into the United Kingdom and has spearheaded the company’s relationship with Formula 1 and London-based Stunt & Co. Ltd. that made Rosland Capital the exclusive distributor of gold and silver coins licensed by Formula 1.

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