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Ian Telfer

Chairman, Goldcorp & Chairman, World Gold Council

I've been following Jeff Nichols and valuing his gold-market analysis and research reports for some three decades.  Jeff has always had a keen insight into the forces and factors that move the market.

He was an early leader in recognizing new trends and developments -- such as the potential of Chinese gold demand or the importance of central-bank buying -- before they were accepted and appreciated by many other gold-market analysts.

On a practical note, the information and insights I've picked up reading "NicholsOnGold" have been significant factors in my decision making.

Sean Boyd

President & Chief Executive Officer, Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

Jeff has been one of the foremost commentators on the gold market for many years. His work is easy to read, to the point and timely. His years of experience give him a unique perspective on gold and I find his analysis and opinions very helpful in understanding what is really happening in the gold market.

Tom Albanese

CEO (retired), RioTinto

I've been involved with precious metals mining since the early 1980's, including a brief stint in gold and silver marketing. I've known Jeff since those days and I have always respected both his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the metal and the gold sector, but his ability to match with some big picture thinking.

As a former CEO of a major mining company, I know how difficult it is to apply standard macro-industrial economic theories for predicting (guessing?) the price of gold. I also recognize the inherent difficulties of using conventional technical analysis or less conventional wave or cyclical analysis to predict prices.

Jeff's long experience in the game has served him well and has given him some rare insights about what works, and the realistic limits to any predictive tool. This is why I have continued to follow his work for over 20 years.

Marc Faber

The Gloom Boom & Doom Report

“When you go shopping visit every tent in the bazaar” says an old Arab proverb. I do not have the time to visit every site in the financial bazaar but always make a point to read Jeffrey Nichols’ valuable insights.

Robert Calman

Chairman & CEO (Retired), Echo Bay Mines

Jeffrey is part of what seems to be the inner circle of precious metals experts.

Beth Deisher

Editor (Retired) Coin World

Jeff Nichols not only tells you what is happening in the gold market, but more importantly, why and how it is likely to impact the future.

His deep understanding of the gold market coupled with the intelligence he shares from his worldwide network of contacts makes his analysis as a must read for anyone contemplating buying or selling gold.

Bill Selesky

Mining Analyst, Argus Research Corporation

The insight and knowledge provided by Jeff and his newsletter is quite an invaluable service. Besides providing up-to-the-minute musings on the current state of gold’s affairs, he is able to provide a worldwide context of his beliefs based on his extensive travels.

In addition to providing detailed knowledge gathered from years on the job, the written prose not only remains bright and bouncy, but encourages the reader to complete the job at hand, which is, finish the article.

From my years of reading the “NicholsOnGold” newsletter, it is one of only a small handful of reports/updates that I actually want to read and one that I enjoy reading from cover-to-cover. I recommend it highly.

Angus Auchterlonie

Head, Mineral Economics and Strategy Division, Mintek

I've been a reader of NicholsOnGold since 2008. I often check out what Jeff is saying about gold -- more often than not to restore some sanity in what is otherwise a sector full of madmen!
Moreover, Jeff Nichols has been far ahead of the crowd in identifying important gold-market developments and newly emerging trends long before they have been recognized by other analysts and research organizations.

Jack Julien

Vice President of Marketing (Retired), Royal Canadian Mint

Nichols is “an astute observer who can size up the precious metals market succinctly.”

Dan Popescu

CIM – to Investment Management Consultant

I have been following the gold market for 40 years and I have been reading Jeffrey Nichols’ reports, followed his tweets and read his comments on LinkedIn for several years now and I always look forward to his next report.

He is one of the most knowledgeable gold analysts I know and his insight of the gold market is always excellent, timely and unique. He is one of the rare analysts who alerted me early on to the Chinese (official and individual) gold buying spree, its meaning and its major impact on the gold market. I constantly use his ideas in formulating my gold investment strategy.

Mark Cutifani

CEO, AngloGold Ashanti

I find Jeff's observations useful and helpful in thinking about demand and possible pricing scenarios.