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Archives for May 2011

Gold & Silver: The Long March Upward Resumes

Just a few weeks ago, gold and silver prices were soaring, almost beyond belief.  A growing chorus of investors, analysts, and financial journalists opined that the "bubble" in precious metals prices would soon pop - and many predicted an imminent long-term bear market was just around the corner. And, when precious metals prices tumbled - gold from its all-time intraday high of $1,576.50 on May 1st to an intraday low of $1,463.20 just four days later and silver from $49.59 on April 28th to $32.44 a couple of weeks later - pundits were quick to declare that the bubble burst . . . and many ...

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Up, Up, and Away: The Bullish Case for Gold

Keynote Speech by Jeffrey Nichols The New York Hard Assets Conference The recent correction in precious metals prices and mining shares has led some investors, analysts, and financial journalists to conclude we’ve already seen the ultimate bull-market peaks in gold and silver. I’m here today to tell you otherwise – but please don’t mistake me for a gold bug.Although, I believe quite strongly that its price will go much higher in the next few years, I don’t think there’s anything magical about the yellow metal. The future price of gold is a function of past and prospective world economic, ...

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