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Archives for September 2009

Four Keys to Gold’s Next Move

Gold may have moved too high too soon . . . but whether or not the metal manages to recoup and hold onto recent gains near or above the $1000 an ounce level in the days immediately ahead . . . we are nevertheless looking for new highs (above $1032) in the closing months of the year with gold possibly at $1200 or $1300 before the New Year. Key One: India I've just returned from India, one of the most crucial markets for gold with a long history and big appetite for the yellow metal.  What happens next for gold may depend most on the strength -- or weakness -- of Indian buying.  And, Indian ...

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INDIA SPEECH: Gold Market Situation & Outlook

Speech to the Sixth Annual India International Gold Convention Goa, India Jeffrey Nichols, Managing Director, American Precious Metals Advisors Thank you, Mr. Chairman for your kind introduction . . . and many thanks also to the conference organizers for inviting me to participate in this prestigious gathering. It is a great honor to be here today, not only to share my views – but to learn from you, and make many new friends in the Indian Gold Community. A few weeks ago, in preparation for today’s presentation, I asked the conference organizer what I should talk about.He said, I should ...

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